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SUS304 Food Grade Stainless Steel inside and out. Premium Quality In Every Detail !

Chiller Daddy Under Sink Drinking Water Trouble Shooting Help

Problem:  The undersink water chiller is warm and makes noise.
Solution: Be sure there is enough airflow in the cabinet to allow the heat to escape. Test by leaving the cabinet doors open. Let the chiller run for 24 hours. Did it cool and quiet down? If so, you will need to increase the airflow in the cabinet.

Problem:  No water will flow out of the chiller.
Solution: First remove the inlet tube and be sure it has enough water pressure going into the chiller. The chiller does not add pressure. It will not have more pressure at the outlet than the pressure inlet. If the pressure check is OK then next check the thermostat. Is it set all of the way cold? If so, you may have it set so cold that it froze the water in the tank. Do not set the thermostat cold enough to freeze.  This can cause permanent damage.  The factory preset is mid point on the thermostat and is the best setting in most locations.  Room temperature, humidity, heating and cooling sources, inlet water temperature and cabinet airflow may all have an effect on the required thermostat adjustment.  Adjustment should be done by a qualified professional.